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 ice's cc app

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ice god 149

ice god 149

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PostSubject: ice's cc app   ice's cc app EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 5:26 pm

+~ Combat level? 81
+~ Total level? 833
+~ Strength level? 66
+~ Attack level? 68
+~ Ranging level? 40
+~ Magic level? 39
+~ Defense level? 64
+~ Hp level? 66
+~ Prayer level? 44
+~ Favorite skill? wc,fishing,ect
+~ Highest Combat skill level ? attck
+~ Highest Non-Combat skill level? wcing
+~ Goals? get to a really hight cb lv and get 2mill as a money record.(record was 1mill and 300k
+~ Any Level 99's? none
+* What Clan Were You In Before? riwana aka 1 of my 1sts aka more hacks these dont exist
+~ Will you be loyal and active? yes very loye and active like all most 4 or
more days a week
+~ What timezone do you live in? +~Central: GMT-06:00 - CST~
+~ Did you read the rules? +~CROCKY, THAT’S A BIG ONE!!! yes
+* What God do you wish to serve? sara
+~ Will you come to at least 2 events a week? if im done with trining or its fun like hide and go seek
+~ Will you always come in clan chat: illpkforever whenever you log in? yes
+~ What can you contribute/do for this clan? lots of help if needed and exapert clan war plans or last good ones
+~ Additional Information?
i ben in clan wars clans cents the chicken era or before thay add cws but wasnt from rsc
and p,s i wanna this lock if checked or we can use this post for recrutiments thered Smile
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Loyal Poster

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ice's cc app Empty
PostSubject: Re: ice's cc app   ice's cc app EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 5:41 pm

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ice's cc app
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